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CFE SBF Proking Cylinder Heads

The CFE ProKing can fuel your beast. As part of our continued and constant development program we have made the Proking even better. With the addition of a 2.225 intake valve the ProKing offers a level of performance equal to that found only in high end canted valve (Yates) cylinder heads.

Need Injection? ProKing has it. The All new CFE ProKing head has the option to include injector bosses right into the cylinder head, making it ideal for injected applications like Sprint Cars or Maybe even

The CFE ProKing SBF - Drag Race Edition Cylinder is the culmination of over 20 years of racing head experience at the hand of CFE. The next step in the evolution of the Small Block Ford Windsor Style head has begun at CFE.

The CFE ProKing SBF - Drag Race Edition cylinder head is the first of its kind!
This is the Ford Head that should have been built 20 years ago, with its mammoth raised intake runners that stand at least an inch taller than the closest competitors and its 10° Valve angles. This is a head intended for racing, a true racing head. The ProKing Can also boast of its yates like flow numbers. 410+ cfm. If your looking for the edge you need over your competition youve found it. The CFE ProKing.
CFE also realized that the kind of abuse drag race engines go through, a superior heat treat would be a necessity. Our heat treat is second to none. Its not an option, its there! And few manufacturers know how to do it right. We do! Superior heat treat makes good sense, CFE ProKing SBF drag race heads will have 3-times the life and can withstand an impressive amount of abuse in which these engines are accustom too!
CFEs ongoing devotion to R&D and close relationships with the best engine builders in the country, have made the CFE ProKing head the most powerful Windsor Style head of all time!

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